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Juniata Valley Railroad


"As a valued partner to our fertilizer distribution and logistics company, JVRR supports our operations by delivering superior service to our Lewistown, PA, facility.
This dedication allows us to continue to pursue avenues of business opportunity far beyond our original expectations."

Jeffrey R. Stine
Sylco Service and Terminal Company

Congratulations to Juniata Valley Railroad!

2015 “Jake Award with Distinction” from
the American Short Line Regional Railroad Association

2014 “Jake Award with Distinction” from
the American Short Line Regional Railroad Association

General Managers' Northern Region - Pittsburgh Division "Operating Achievement Award"
at the 2014 Norfolk Southern Annual Short Line Meeting


Serving Customers from Lewistown to Burnham, PA | Since August 19, 1996

Today, Juniata Valley Railroad is an 18.5 mile short line that interchanges with Norfolk Southern in Lewistown. JVRR delivers commodities that vary from scrap and finished metals to plastics, fertilizer and pulp. The infrastructure is owned by SEDA-COG JRA.

The Juniata Valley Railroad was incorporated in 1996 to assume from Conrail the operation of the three branch lines radiating out of Lewistown. These lines include remnants of the former railroads extending to Selinsgrove and to Milroy, and the branch to the West Mifflin Industrial Park. The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) had been incorporated in 1846, to construct from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh. Three years later (1949) Lewistown became its first western terminus and industry quickly developed due to the proximity of the Juniata iron ores. The Freedom Forge at Burnham/Yeagertown had been producing pig iron from these ores since 1795, and was acquired by Andrew Carnegie in 1865. The Mifflin & Centre County Railroad (M&C RR) was projected to build northward through this iron belt, from Lewistown to Milesburg, in 1860. Construction began in 1863, and by 1865 the line extended only 12 miles to Milroy, there being no favorable route northward over Seven Mountains to Milesburg. The PRR leased the M&CC RR in May 1865, and for years handled enormous traffic to and from Burnham Steel Company, successor to the Freedom Forge. The north end of the line was abandoned in segments between 1976 and 1980. Entrepreneurs also projected a line eastward from Lewistown to the Susquehanna River at Selinsgrove and Port Trevorton, incorporating the Middle Creek Railroad in 1865. Despite having constructed some roadbed, this line was waning by 1870. It was reincorporated as the Sunbury & Lewistown Railroad in 1870, opened from Lewistown to Selinsgrove, 43.5 miles, on December 1, 1871, and immediately leased by the PRR. But the traffic was rural and the little line was foreclosed in 1874. It was reincorporated again in 1874 and immediately leased “by PRR interests.” Under PRR control, it served as an important shortcut for moving Wilkes-Barre anthracite westward, avoiding Harrisburg, and for moving perishables to New York markets via interchange with the Lehigh Valley Railroad at Mt. Carmel, avoiding both Harrisburg and Philadelphia. With the industrial decline of the 1950s, the middle of the line was taken up beginning in 1957. Conrail operated the line from 1976 until the Juniata Valley RR became the operator August 19,1996. 


Stations Served

Station Name
Zip Code
Other information
Lewistown, PA
NS Interchange and Team Tracks
Burnham, PA
Team Track
Maitland, PA
Team Track

General Manager
Greg Kerstetter | 717.242.5934

Physical Address
565 Roundhouse Road
Lewistown, PA 17044

Juniata Valley engine 2106 - the "James E. Miller", passing through downtown Lewistown, PA.

356 Priestley Avenue | Northumberland, PA 17857 | 570.473.7949