Stay Off - Stay Safe

You can stop, trains can't!

The average train takes a mile to come to a complete stop!

It is ILLEGAL and it is NOT SAFE to take pictures on railroad tracks!

Railroad tracks (even abandoned tracks) are private property.

You wouldn't take pictures in the middle of the highway..

You wouldn't use a stranger's yard to take pictures..

Railroad property is up to 200 feet from the center of the railroad track; also known as a railroad's right-of-way. Entering a railroad's right-of-way without permission/supervision is considered trespassing.

Photography of our trains from public property is allowed, but for areas where public property is close to or connects with our tracks (like at grade crossings) be mindful of your surroundings. Trains are on average three feet wider than the tracks. Keep at a safe distance when taking your photos. When taking photos near railroad property, please wear applicable safety gear (wearing bright, fluorescent, or reflective clothing will make it easier for the train crew to see you).

Using our tracks for photo sessions without our permission and supervision is dangerous and will be treated as trespassing. A photo shoot on railroad property could result in injury or even death.

Any time is train time!

Trains are quieter than you might think. It's not safe to assume you will be able to hear a train and get out of the way before it is too late.

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